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Is the Divorce Rate About to Rise?

A new study indicates that as the economy improves, the divorce rate will increase, and that the two trends are related. The study suggests that more couples stayed together during the recession because they could not afford to split up. Now with healthier pocketbooks, couples feel they are now able to call it quits.

The findings will be come out in paper in the journal the Population Research and Policy Review, and the article was written by a researcher from the University of Maryland who looked at how the divorce rate shrunk in 2007. This was the time when the recession seemed to be producing a so-called "silver lining", as there were some experts who took the reduced divorce rate as a sign that adversity was strengthening relationships. This recent study begs to differ, saying that one of the many things affected by a financial decline is a decline in the expensive divorce process. That is what another sociologist, from John Hopkins University, says happened in the Great Depression. He says that the divorce rate plummeted in the 1930s because of the financial crisis, not because relationships improved.

Regardless of how much an effect the economy can have on marriages and divorce, January to March has historically proven to be a time that keeps divorce lawyers busy. January has even been dubbed "divorce month" because of the relationships that were fractured by one last holiday, or because couples were waiting out it out until the holidays passed. But what may be less widely known is that the divorce rate spikes up in March too, some data indicates. And this may be where tax season comes into play for couples who want to file jointly, saving themselves needless complications. Some family law experts counsel families with children to wait until the school year has ended if a divorce would move them to a different school district. Other spouses have tried to serve their spouse with divorce papers on their anniversary or birthday, or even on Valentine's Day.

Is there a time of year in which it is best to get divorced? Not really. Each situation is unique, and you do not want to leave problems unaddressed. You can start consulting with a family lawyer about questions you may have as soon as divorce becomes a possibility, and as soon as you know you want a divorce, it is not too soon to start looking for a divorce attorney.

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