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Divorce and Mediation

Just as every person is different, so is every marriage; and every divorce. When you put two unique people together, it is going to be hard; let alone together permanently in marriage. As they say, marriage is like a mirror; you have the chance to learn more about yourself and what annoys or frustrate you more than likely anywhere else. In marriage you have the opportunity to learn how to love deeply and even learn how to forgive and work through conflict. Unfortunately, there are times in which that conflict or difference just feels impossible to work through and eventually you and your spouse decide a divorce is better for the two of you.

While it may be sad to see one phase of your life come to an end, it is also the start of another phase of life and perhaps new love in the future as well. Either way, when you chose to file for a divorce, there are various options available to you depending on your circumstance. For example, while half of the married population in the country eventually divorces, very few of these become the epic court battles that you see on television shows and celebrity news.

Mediation is a commonly used approach for those couples who are choosing to divorce one another. This allows many couples to avoid the time and extra money of having to go to court, and is often a more practical approach when both spouses are hoping to reach a fair agreement. In this case, both spouses would hire attorneys to look after their individual needs and hopes in the settlement, and there would also be an unbiased third party member to facilitate the mediation. While about 95% of couple's fear that mediation won't work for their settlement, studies show that an estimated 71% are actually able to make an agreement.

Mediation will allow the couple to have the chance to actually talk through details of the divorce. Many couples share that this is an efficient way to negotiate rather than having to add the stress of a court hearing if it is not necessary. In the event that there are children involved, this is a great way for parents to talk through custody, and be able to voice and work through each other's wants in the custody.

A divorce can be very difficult, however many spouses who are parents may be able to feel more at peace with their decision when they work through it together. And, hopefully, the mediation will make things run smoother in the future as you interact because of the kids. Studies also show that divorced couples who worked through mediation as opposed to going through trial have a less likely chance of going to court again over issues such as custody and visitation. These studies claim that couples who chose to avoid mediation may be 7-8 times more likely to revisit the courtroom for one reason or another.

This approach not only saves you money from court fees, and extra stress from a court battle; but it also saves you time. Couples who chose to fight their divorce in court as opposed to in mediation can take much longer to have sorted through. This is not to say that all couples should chose mediation, in some marriages that may not be an option. However, for those couples who are on decent terms and want to work out an agreement, mediation maybe the way for you! Contact the Meyers Law Group, P.C. today for the divorce attorney that you deserve in the Long Island area, we want to help you!