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Study Suggests Shorter Men Less Likely to Divorce

A recent working paper being published by sociologists at New York University suggests that tall men get married first while shorter men stay married longer.

How Height Factors Into Divorce

The study examined the level of physical attraction in a relationship, specifically their height, and how this relates to the outcomes of longer-term relationships.

The sociologists' work shows that in heterosexual relationships:

  • Trends and norms in height-coupling have remained the same over 3 decades;
  • The spouses of short, tall, and average men differ from one another;
  • Short men marry and divorce at the lowest rate; and
  • Height relative to other men and to the person's spouse relates to household labor and earnings.

Men that are shorter than average are 1450% more likely to marry someone taller than themselves. They are also more likely to choose a younger spouse, to make more money when they are in a relationship, and 24% less likely to earn less money than their spouse.

While the study oversimplifies attraction, marriage, and divorce, it does provide interesting thought into what may unwittingly factor into marriage and divorce. Factors beyond an individual's control can make a difference into how long a marriage can last. No matter whether tall, average, or short, facing a divorce can be a difficult time for any person.

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