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Questions to Ask before Hiring a Divorce Attorney

The beginning of the divorce process starts way before divorce papers are ever served. A divorce is official when two parties go to court and have an agreement signed by a judge that legally separates the couple from marital ties. If the couple has kids, the divorce journey can take even longer.

For some divorcing couples, many aspects of the actual process are removed from their control. If the other partner was the one that served the divorce papers, it may seem like you had no say in what happened in the marriage. Even the judge presiding over the case is assigned by the court. Both parties do, however, have a choice in their divorce attorney.

How to Choose a Divorce Attorney

A divorce attorney is the person controlling many aspects of what your post-divorce life may look like. It is important that you choose a lawyer that will best represent your needs.

When looking to hire a divorce attorney, ask these questions:

  • How would this attorney present themselves in court?
  • Does this attorney have my best interests in mind?
  • Will this attorney come off as likable and professional?
  • Is my attorney experienced and with a good track record?
  • Are they more passionate about my case or their financial gain?
  • Will my case receive the attention it deserves?

By making sure that you can answer these questions, any unforeseen instances that may occur in court will have you better prepared. Say your ex-spouse sues for sole custody of your children or refuses to fairly agree on child support; hiring the lawyer that fits your needs can allow you to address these concerns with a teammate by your side.

With so many unknowns throughout the divorce process, and even afterwards, a dedicated divorce attorney can help guide you through the end. The Meyers Law Group is experienced in handling a large variety of court cases and can work with you for your divorce! Give our firm a call for any concerns you may have regarding an upcoming divorce.