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New York Pastrami Couple's Meaty Divorce

In the high profile New York divorce of the millionaire owners of Carnegie Deli, Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Matthew Cooper has little sympathy for their case.

Details of the Divorce

The couple, married for 22 years, have brought up a few concerns in their divorce case including:

  • Accusations that one spouse carried on an affair with a former hostess;
  • Challenges the order that requires $11,000 in spousal support;
  • Hidden assets;
  • Assets moved from the spouse's personal account to a joint account using a forged signature; and
  • Purchase of a $1 million home under the name of the spouse's daughter.

The judge ruled against the spouse's claims and stated that she must keep paying the $11,000 per month to her former spouse.

Judge Cooper has taken a dislike to the couple, noting that they are more concerned with the small matters in the divorce rather than the larger picture. One of the spouses in the case had accused the judge of making pastrami puns at an earlier hearing, which the judge admitted to, noting that the case did not cause him to lose sleep at night.

Carnegie Controversy

Carnegie Deli is located near Carnegie Hall in Midtown Manhattan, where it has been in operation since 1937. It is considered the most famous deli in America. Carnegie Deli was inherited by the spouse from her father.

The divorcing couple had recently entered into a $2.65 million settlement due to the lack of proper wages paid to their workers over the course of a decade. Twenty five current and former workers filed the claim. The Supreme Court judge noted that their millions come from this labor injustice.

The spouse is further suing her former spouse for stealing $10 million from personal and corporate accounts with his daughter and girlfriend.