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Back to School Tips for the Recently Divorced

If a family is going through divorce around the same time for the kids to go back to school, it is important that the extra physical, emotional, and financial stresses are handled in a way that will limit its effect on the child's education.

Back to School Tips for Recently Divorced Parents

Stick to child custody agreements.
The first thing that parents should do is decide on what arrangements for child custody will work best for the family once school starts and stick to that plan. Children can be easily confused and affected by changes, so remaining consistent in a custody plan can ease children into a solid routine.

Use technology for the sake of the kids.
Communication between divorced parents can be tense at best. To effectively co-parent, both spouses must be able to communicate the child's needs. A great way to do this is using technology that does not require face-to-face talking. Shared online calendars can be used to keep up aware of appointments, important school dates, and more.

Be open about the divorce.
When your children are at school, authority figures like teachers and counselors are the eyes and ears of the parents. If these figures notice that your child may be dealing with some issues, it can help keep you aware of certain behaviors and make adjustments that help the child adjust to a dual-household life.

Develop a system to share finances.
There are going to be instances where the child support agreement does not fully lay out all expenditures a child may need. Expenses that may arise will likely be the responsibility of the parent that has the child during the week, but these can also add up quickly. It may be in the best benefit to keep track of what should be shared parental expenses and how these can be managed.

Stay unified for the child.
Co-parenting is the first priority when children are involved. It will be extremely helpful for both parents to maintain a similar routine when the children are in their care in order to establish stability.

As children go back to school, these tips from the Long Island Divorce Lawyers at the Meyers Law Group can help ease you child's transition, both at home and at school.