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Prenuptial Agreement in Question for Billionaire Divorce

A high-profile hedge-fund billionaire asked to divorce his spouse in July. His spouse has asked to void their prenuptial agreement so that equitable share of the property can be given to each party.

Spouse Claims Prenuptial Coercion

The spouse says that the prenuptial agreement was given right before the wedding and that she was coerced into signing it. A prenuptial agreement can be invalidated if it can be proven that it was signed when a person was under duress, such as being rushed before a wedding where a lot of time and money has been invested.

The spouse claims that the billionaire did not disclose any finances until 3 days before the couple's wedding, and that the lawyer that was hired to review the prenuptial agreement previously did not have access to this information.

After disagreeing with the terms of the agreement, the billionaire suggested the spouse meet with a psychologist to work out some concerns over the prenuptial agreement. The psychologist and the billionaire had a prior relationship and told the spouse that her demands were unreasonable.

The spouse is supposedly seeking custody of the couple's children and a portion of the former spouse's billions. The agreements laid out in the prenuptial agreement entitle the spouse to around 1% of the billionaire's net worth.

Invalidating a Prenuptial Agreement

While prenuptial agreements are legal contracts, there are a few instances where these documents could be overturned by the courts in a divorce cases.

Instances that invalidate a prenuptial agreement include:

  • Fraudulent disclosure of finances and assets
  • Coerced signing of the agreement
  • Improperly filed paperwork
  • Insufficient legal representation
  • Lopsided or ridiculous provisions

While prenuptial agreements can be helpful guidelines in the event of a divorce, they are not unbreakable. There are instances where these documents can be invalidated. For any questions that you may have about your prenuptial agreement, contact an experienced divorce attorney to help address your concerns.