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Keeping Children Happy After a Divorce

No matter what the feelings are between you and your former spouse in a divorce, the family must make sure that the kids are taken care of throughout the divorce. Young children are especially affected by a separation, and dealing with this new life can take some adjustment. Co-parenting is one suggestion that can help to maintain a sense of family for the children, but there are many other ways that parents can help their kids adjust to this new life.

Happy Children Can Ease the Divorce Process

While a divorce can take up a lot of time for parents and other family members involved, it is of the utmost importance that kids stay happy and feel loved throughout the process, and adjustment period. If children are unhappy, how are they expected to accept the new situation, or even further, accept any new relationships their parents may enter?

Some of the best ways to keep children happy are simple, and include:

  • Staying friendly with your ex-spouse
  • Giving children time to adjust to this new life
  • Don't expect children to choose between one parent or the other
  • Remaining cheerful in front of the children
  • Avoid discussing finances in front of them
  • Attending counselling with the children
  • Communicating openly about what is happening
  • Developing a schedule with your ex to ensure fair time with the children
  • Avoiding criticizing a former spouse

Divorce rates are rising, and children are easily the most affected in these scenarios. While divorce may be in the best interest of all parties, it is important to recognize that conflict does not go away after divorce papers are signed. There must be a constant effort to keep the children happy throughout the entire divorce process and as new lives are established.