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Is There a Bad Time to Divorce?

According to numerous experts, yes. If you wait too long, or if you proceed too soon, then your financial and emotional futures could take a massive hit. In fact, financial stability and emotional concerns could be some of the main reasons behind many of the divorce stats out there. For example, there is the "gray divorce" rate. While in the 1990s, about 12 percent of married couples in their fifties or older were getting a divorce, roughly 25 percent of these couples are filing for divorce. Many of these divorcees decided it would be best all-around to avoid child custody struggles by getting that divorce after their kids were out of the home.

Then if soon-to-be divorcees are business owners, the timing of the divorce is crucial. If at all possible, you want to avoid divorcing right before you are going to sell the company, or while you are in the middle of this sale. If a divorce is triggered while your business is being transferred, the transfer could be stalled for the duration of the divorce, as both partners are divorcing spouses who are entitled to a share of the business.

For any couple, waiting until after the holidays is often the way to get the timing of the divorce right. As devastating as a divorce can be for the entire family, many spouses deem it best to not have the holiday season disrupted by such pain, especially if they have children. And that is why January is known as "divorce month", though the soaring divorce rate lasts through March. Other personal reasons often entail a delay in the divorce. This could be anything from a daughter's graduation to a son's wedding, definitely not times that you want clouded by a divorce.

Finally, there are a few financial reasons to find a good time to divorce. If a spouse is the owner of a business that is on the verge of going public, or if a spouse is going to receive a substantial inheritance, then it is advisable to hold off the divorce. Such assets would be marital property. If a couple's home is worth less than the mortgage, this could be another reason to wait. Perhaps this could explain in part why an improving economy is often joined by a spike in divorce filings.

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