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One Long Island Divorce Has Dragged on for 12 Years, Still Has at Least One More Hearing to Go

A divorce in Long Island is grabbing national headlines at it has lasted for 12 years, and counting. This makes for one of the longest divorces ever in New York. As can be expected from such a lengthy process, each spouse is pointing fingers at the other, blaming the other for the exorbitant legal costs and unreasonable delays, even calling one another dishonest.

One spouse, a 73-year-old lawyer who is representing himself, blames the other spouse for her retaining expensive divorce lawyers delay the process, and he also calls the court system warped. He also alleges that his estranged spouse is tenaciously trying to get as much money out of the divorce as possible, while she hid about $1.2 million in assets that she inherited. He himself is living in a multi-million dollar home that is 10,000 square feet, but it is a property that is being held in a trust for a granddaughter. He says his only income is from Social Security, and that he has been drained of millions of dollars in the divorce process thus far.

Of course, that is only one side of the story. According to the other spouse, the 73-year-old attorney is to blame for this insane process. Her lawyers point out that he has engaged in numerous other legal processes that are simply bogging everything down. Her attorney says the other spouse has filed for bankruptcy, filed lawsuits against his law partners, and is also contending issues with the Internal Revenue Service. Her attorney voiced her wish to be done with the divorce already so she can move forward. Both parties seem to agree, however, that they will ideally complete the divorce by the end of this year. Their next hearing is in May.

A Better Way to Divorce

If a couple bitterly contends every term of the divorce, dragging out every issue in court in a bid for revenge or for more in assets, it only means that both spouses will lose a great deal in time and pay enormous amounts in stress. And that is not to mention the ballooning legal fees. While it is imperative that you get a fair result in a divorce so as to be set up for the future you deserve, a couple does not have to engage in slash-and-burn tactics to get that outcome. There truly is such a thing as an amicable divorce. Many couples have successfully made it through such processes as divorce mediation or an uncontested divorce, and these processes allow both spouses to quickly move on with their lives—without having to go through the agony of an unnecessarily long and nasty divorce.

If you want to learn more about how to achieve as simple and stress-free a divorce as possible, contact the Meyers Law Group, P.C. today. And if you are looking for an experienced divorce attorney in Long Island, then you can find the legal representation that you deserve when you call our firm today!