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What to Look for in a Divorce Attorney

While you will be faced with many life-altering decisions in your divorce, one of the greatest decisions you will have to make is your choice of divorce lawyer. If you choose an overly aggressive attorney, this could backfire and drag you through a costly trial. Choose an unassertive or inexperienced lawyer, and you can end up with a severely unfair divorce settlement. So if you're looking for a divorce lawyer in Long Island, how can you find the right one? It will depend on the details of your specific case, of course. But there are some general guidelines to help you out.

Here are a few of these attorney-choosing tips:

  1. An experienced attorney still has to have the right experience for your case. If you have specific issues that need to be addressed in your divorce, such as a prenup your spouse is trying to invalidate, then you need to ask from the start whether or not your lawyer has worked on such cases before.
  2. A lawyer has to be willing to work with other professionals. This means if you have a tax expert, a financial planner, etc., you need to make sure that everyone can work as a cohesive unit working toward the same end: a successful divorce.
  3. Ask big questions at the first meeting. When you are interviewing divorce lawyers, you don't want to start by naming exactly what you want in the settlement. General questions are better to start with; the details you can save for later. You can plainly state an overview of your case, honestly telling the weak spots too, and you can ask: what would the best and worst results of your case be? What approach would that lawyer take? What would they say to your spouse about this case? And so on.
  4. Discuss availability. If you want a lawyer who will respond to you in 24 hours, say so. And if your preferred mode of communication is email, bring this up at the start. Find out if the potential attorney can communicate in the way you need to.

If you are searching for a divorce attorney right now, or if you are still contemplating whether to file for divorce or not, don't hesitate to call the Meyers Law Group, P.C. You can find clarification of the legal issues that are at stake, and find answers to any other questions you may have. Learn more about you and your family's rights, about how to prepare for this process, and about what New York laws have to say about your specific case. Start talking to a skilled divorce lawyer in Long Island today!