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Three Tips for Determining Child Custody in Mediation

When you need to create a parenting plan in your divorce, this can quickly become the one of the most difficult aspects of the entire process. You and your spouse may need legal counsel when it comes to making these major decisions about child custody and visitation, and for many divorcing parents, mediation offers a way to successfully negotiate you and your children's futures. If divorce mediation is where your case is headed, here are some tips to make the most of the process:

  1. Draft a copy of what your goals and priorities are. This can help you stay organized and keep focused on the most important aspects of this negotiation. Of course, you may need additional documentation and information to access during the meeting; you could always ask a family attorney about what you need in order to be prepared.
  2. Consult a legal professional. This could be a professional counselor who is there to help parents prepare for mediation, or better yet, you can meet with a family lawyer who not only understands the mediation process, but is fully versed in New York's child custody laws. Even better still would be to have a consulting divorce attorney with you during the actual proceedings.
  3. Don't rule out speaking to your spouse either. While the reason you may be in mediation is because of strained communications, you may be able to try reaching out to see if there are any points of agreement you two have going into mediation. If so, this could simplify and expedite the mediation process.

At whatever stage you are in determining what is best for your child's future, you do not want to be without a qualified attorney. At the Meyers Law Group, P.C., our Long Island divorce lawyer has extensive experience in mediated divorces, and the proven skill to provide the representation you deserve in child custody proceedings. Learn more when you call us today!