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Prenuptial Agreements for Second Marriages

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When someone is entering a second marriage, particularly if this is coming after a divorce, that person's financial situation is likely far more complex than it ever was. Such complicating factors include:

  • Child support and maintenance payments they're making
  • Increased amounts of separate property
  • Wanting to pass down a full inheritance to children from a prior relationship

A prenup, while admittedly not romantic, is a practical way to help couples figure out their finances as they enter marriage. And it is also like an insurance policy, one you hope never to utilize. One of the major purposes of a prenuptial agreement is to delineate separate property, thus simplifying any division of assets that might take place, and ensuring that a parent's separate property remains as it is so that his or her child can inherit it. But more importantly, this will help a couple to discuss important financial issues before starting marriage, a preparation that will make it likelier for them to succeed.

Do Seniors Need a Prenup?

The reality is that more and more couples over the age of 65 are living together and not tying the knot. What keeps many of these couples from the decision to remarry? Finances. With many of them having already been through a harrowing divorce, and they do not want that devastation again, including the financial losses.

This is where a prenup can come in.

This does not preclude the need to create a strategy for Social Security benefits, health insurance, and other issues, but just as with any marriage, talking about how you want to handle your joint finances is a vital conversation. Find out if a prenuptial agreement could be right for you when you call our family lawyer in Long Island today! You can find trusted, experienced help at the Meyers Law Group, P.C.