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Increasing Percentage of Women Are Paying Spousal & Child Support

While it used to be that only females who were celebrities made child and spousal support payments in the wake of a divorce, more and more women all across the country are starting to make such payments in divorces. The Pew Research Center found that as of 2013, mothers were the main (or only) breadwinners in forty percent of American households. It was also found that 25 percent of mothers are single moms. Also, more and more dads are becoming their children's caretakers. With changes in social perceptions and practices come changes in how family law is implemented.

Courts now realize that the divorce decree cannot overwhelmingly award child custody to mothers and order fathers to pay child support. In the increasing percentage of families where mom is the breadwinner, a divorce could very well mean that the mother pays child support, if not spousal maintenance as well. Recent surveys have found that fifty percent of moms who retain primary or full physical custody of children get child support payments, but now thirty percent of fathers with custody are getting child support.

Spousal maintenance payments are decided according to factors such as the length of the marriage, each spouse's income, whether or not a spouse gave up a career to care for children, and more. Child custody is determined by the standard of "the best interests of the child". The gender of the parent is not supposed to be a factor in this equation. As you enter a divorce, be sure to understand what mother' and fathers' rights are, how child support and maintenance are calculated, and how to find the divorce attorney you need at your side.

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