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Five Tips for Making it Through Divorce

When it comes to divorce, not only are you navigating a complex set of family laws, but you are in the midst of tricky relationships filled with difficult communication. As a lot is riding on this divorce process, you need to be as prepared for these difficulties as you can. Here are five general tips to help you out:

  1. Wait before you mention a new partner. Before the divorce is finalized, it can only be detrimental to gush about a new relationship in front of your ex. There is no need to create a further strain on matters, so keeping a new relationship on the down low until the divorce is over is usually advisable.
  2. Realize you and your spouse are the key figures. You will have to ultimately make the decisions and work toward a resolution; your divorce attorney is legal counsel, someone who can advise you and take care of a great deal of the tedious paperwork and such. If you hire a lawyer who takes over, you're probably headed toward a costly litigation process instead of a successful divorce settlement outside of court.
  3. The only way to win divorce is to share the victory. If you fight tooth and nail for everything you want in the divorce, you'll get a lengthy legal bill, needless stress, and uncertain results anyway. There is no real winner in this scenario. In order to get to the future you deserve, you and your spouse will have to compromise, and that means you too will have to realize when you're being selfish and have to take a step back.
  4. Agree only once you understand all the legal ramifications. Just because you need to be cooperative, this does not mean that you sign off on an agreement that you have an incomplete understanding of. If there is anything in the divorce settlement that you are uncertain about, don't hesitate to ask your attorney about it. Delay is a good thing if it stems from you wanting to understand the terms of your divorce.
  5. Remember that this is another beginning. Even if you will not be co-parenting with your ex, an acrimonious divorce can stunt your new futures. If you can achieve a relatively peaceful divorce, the better you two can start a new chapter in your lives.

While every divorce will be different, there are always universal principles that apply. When it comes to the specifics of your unique case, however, you will need the expertise of a caring attorney. You can find the legal advocate you need at the Meyers Law Group, P.C. Discover how our Long Island divorce attorney can provide the excellent, trustworthy service you need for a successful divorce when you call our firm today!