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Did You Make Any of These Mistakes on Your Prenup?

Protecting Yourself from Errors

Even if you got a prenuptial agreement, this will not always be an airtight contract, not if you made one of several common mistakes. If you have made any such errors, your prenup could be vulnerable to attacks from a soon-to-be ex contesting the terms of your agreement. While it can be very hard to actually overturn a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement, you do not want to undergo any further stress or financial loss because of a prolonged legal process.

To ensure that you have covered your bases, here are some things to look out for when making or reviewing your prenup:

  • Did you each have your own lawyers when you wrote up the agreement?
  • Is this document free of legal errors?
  • Have you included crazy terms in the agreement?

Either type of slipup could cause all that work crafting your agreement to go to waste. This particularly true of terms included in your agreement that should never have been there. Whether it is saying you are off the hook for child support, or you both have to stay under a certain weight, illegal or zany terms could cause a judge to void the entire document.

Discounting an Unfair Prenup

While sometimes the battle to invalidate a prenup could come from an ex, you might have to fight against an unfair prenuptial agreement. This could be the case if:

  • Your partner hid financial information from you: this means fraud
  • You were ill or intoxicated when you were told to sign off on the agreement
  • You were threatened or otherwise forced to sign
  • The terms of the agreement are deeply unfair

You may have legal protections against a highly imbalanced agreement that is against your best interests. Find out what these defenses are today!

Learn more about protecting yourself through a nuptial agreement, or contesting such an agreement, when you call a Long Island family attorney at Meyers Law Group, P.C.