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Is January Really Divorce Month?

In general, the trend has been that January is the busiest month of the year for divorce lawyers. Couples who have barely survived the holidays are finally ready to announce their decision to split, the holidays have added that final strain on their relationship, or a spouse has reevaluated their life at the New Year and realized that their marriage has crumbled. Whatever the reason, the statistics tend to agree, the term "divorce month" is a label that January deserves, and the pattern appears unchanged this year too.

While simply seeking change is a poor reason for a divorce, according to one psychological expert, there are of course numerous reasons for couples to feel that a divorce is necessary. If you are confident that you have a reason to divorce, then here are some reasons why delaying that course of action is a bad idea, and why pursuing this course can give you the right start to your New Year.

1. Singleness is not the same as loneliness. Many people put off this vital decision because they are afraid of no longer having their plus one. But the truth is, being in a bad relationship is much lonelier than being on your own. If you break off from an unhealthy relationship, you can reap the benefits of becoming more independent, and of honing your talents and strengthening your friendships.

2. Then there are financial consequences to consider; if you wait longer than you should, you will end up with a more expensive divorce. Of course, this is a decision that you have to take seriously, which will require time to think and talk things over. But once you know, there is usually no point in waiting (except for maybe during the holidays). One reason why is that the longer you are together, the more you will amass in marital property (including retirement accounts), the less that remains separate property. This means that you could easily lose more in property division the longer you wait to file.

3. You can get a brighter outlook on life. Yes, a divorce is a painful and stressful process, but this is often the kind of hardship that has people come out stronger on the other end. Once a person has discovered a measure of independence from an unhealthy relationship, they can realize that they can overcome just about any hurdle in their way.

To understand more about the legal and financial repercussions of a divorce, do not wait to contact the Myers Law Group, P.C. An experienced divorce lawyer in Long Island may be able to help you achieve the resolution that you deserve, the divorce that can equip you with what you need to start a new chapter in life.