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How to Respond to a Spouse's Financial Threats

While many couples do go into a divorce seeking to find an amicable resolution and some of them do achieve it, the reality is, no divorce is going to involve spouses who get along politely the whole process through, and then walk away with a settlement that they are both happy with. Matters are more complicated when your financial future is under threat from your spouse. Now if you face threats of physical abuse, then you have legal actions that you need to take instantly. In order to learn how to protect yourself when the threats are only financial, keep reading.

In the midst of a divorce, a spouse may say things to the effect that jail would be better than paying up, or that it would be more worth it to lose every cent to their lawyer than to give you any money. They may even promise that they will end up with full child custody and that you will be left penniless. One of the simple things you can do in response is to write down what has been said; this way you can share this with your divorce lawyer in detail, and the threats can also immediately appear more threadbare when they are taken down.

Next, it is vital to know the laws in New York that pertain to your case. Research what separate and marital property are, what equitable distribution means. Also look into how your retirement accounts and other funds could be split up. Then you can discern if threats are just your soon-to-be ex blowing hot air, or if you actually have an issue you need to deal with. For example, your spouse might actually be carrying through with threats by hiding assets from you, or they might be bribing someone in your case. If you suspect any such underhanded activity, then definitely consult a divorce lawyer, who can help you with such actions as a court-ordered discovery process that can uncover any hidden assets, etc.

Personally, it is important to know that you can keep the situation from getting worse by not retaliating. If you can keep your cool, then you may not be able to entirely defuse the situation, but you can certainly keep it from unraveling further. This will help your kids out too.

Finally, you need to work closely with an experienced divorce lawyer. You can find the legal counsel you need to understand your true financial situation, and to know how to leave your marriage with the finances you need for a stronger future. Learn more about how you can protect your legal rights, even in a messy divorce, when you contact the Meyers Law Group, P.C. Our Long Island divorce lawyer is well-versed in all the recent changes to family law and may be able to help you face your future with confidence.