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Five Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Divorce

Divorce is a difficult process that upends your life, and it is very common for both parties to feel angry. Unfortunately, this anger can lead to some pretty devastating mistakes. It is only natural to be struggling with powerful emotions at this time, but they cannot guide a person's decisions, otherwise, the result could be a staggering price tag for the divorce, a disintegrating relationship with their children, and more. Here are five commonly committed mistakes that you can avoid, and if you do avoid these, you may be able to come away from your divorce with positive results that last:

Divorce Mistakes That Could Cost You Time and Money

  • Extending an already lengthy divorce process. Whether you are in a trial or trying to negotiate terms with your soon-to-be ex, if you hire an aggressive divorce attorney, if you fight tooth and nail over every petty issue, trying to get revenge on your spouse in court by squeezing every possible cent from them, you could be the one who pays. Not only will dragging matters out cause you to rack up some serious legal fees, but you could get a lot of people in your life to side with your ex, and that includes the judge. One of the smartest moves you can make in your divorce is to hire a divorce attorney who has a proven track record of helping spouses go through divorce mediation or an uncontested divorce. Not only could doing this save you time and money, but it can also save you from some nasty courtroom drama while you're at it.
  • Allowing support arrears to grow instead of modifying your court orders. If a divorcee is paying maintenance or child support, and suddenly they get demoted, lose a job, come down with a serious medical condition, etc., then they may be able to go to court to get these support orders changed. Otherwise, if you can no longer afford you payments, but simply stop paying them, you will accrue some serious debt, along with fines and interest. Not even filing for bankruptcy can get rid of this debt. If your situation has substantially changed since the time your court orders were made, contact a divorce attorney immediately to learn about your options, such as modifying the terms of your divorce.
  • Being ignorant of what you can afford. Before you can negotiate the terms of property division and support payments, you need to know your financial status and limits. You need to know your budget for the future so that you can know exactly what results you need in dividing assets. You also have to know what you would need to receive in alimony and child support to make ends meet, or how much you can afford to pay in court-ordered support.

Divorce Mistakes that Can Hurt Your Kids

  • Letting your kids get caught in the middle. It is too often that a parent, in his or her bitterness against their spouse, ends up inflicting pain and trauma on their children rather than on their ex. They may try to force the child to take sides, to try to poison him or her against their other parent. They may even fight for child custody solely as a means to avoiding paying child support. These ugly tactics can only serve to painfully alienate kids from their parents, the whole divorce process leaving the children with scars.
  • Forgetting about your children's rights. While some parents resort to using their kids as pawns in their divorce battle, other parents sometimes feel that need to avoid courtroom hostilities—at all costs. They may feel the need to avoid a child custody battle, not only forgoing their parental rights, but depriving their children of much needed time with that parent. Of course it is ideal to avoid battling this issue out in court, but this good desire has to be balanced with the reality that sometimes, fighting for your rights as a father or mother means that you are also fighting for your child's rights to have the strong relationships they need with both their parents.

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