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What Is the Top Reason for Divorce?

According to a recent U.K. study by the Co-operative Legal Services, it is no longer infidelity. Unreasonable behavior is now the most listed reason for a divorce, reports The Guardian. This conclusion is based from divorce data since the 70s, which related information from more than 5 million divorces in the U.K. Back in the seventies, 29 percent of divorces were the result of adultery, while currently the number has dropped to 15 percent. Unreasonable behavior was given as the grounds for divorce 28 percent of the time in the seventies, but it is now the reason for 47 percent of divorces.

What is unreasonable behavior? One spouse wanted to split when the other took out the family's entire savings of £40,000 and set it on fire. One woman said her spouse always guilt-tripped her when she wanted to spend time with her friends. In another case, a spouse wanted out when the other started to cross-dress and pursued a change of sex.

Whatever the reason, many people are seeking a divorce. What this means is that a lot of people are facing tough decisions when it comes to child custody arrangements, property division, support payments, and more. While the issues may be the same, the cause for the divorce can lead to different results, as infidelity or dissipation of marital assets can influence whether a court awards alimony or how a judge chooses to divide marital property.

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