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Midlife Divorce on the Rise

So-called "gray divorcees" now outnumber their widowed counterparts in the United States, says the New York Times. About fifty years ago, divorcing after fifty was a rare occurrence. About 2.8 percent of Americans who were older than 50 had been divorced. In 2000, the divorce rate for this age group was up to 11.8 percent. Eleven years later, the Census Bureau American Community Survey reported that 15.4 percent of those over fifty had a divorce, and 2.1 percent had a separation. This is compared to the 13.5 percent who were widowed.

Bowling Green State University professors have said that the divorce rate among those 50 and older is now twice what it used to be in the 90s. A couple of sociologists from this university in Ohio have hailed it as the "gray divorce revolution". A professor from Evergreen State College maintains that the longer a marriage lasts, the more your risk of divorce decreases, but that still, there has been a rise in the divorce rate for couples whose marriage has lasted at least 25 years. Also part of this trend, women are the ones who most frequently ask for the divorce. Professors have also found that couples with less education have a higher chance of divorce, as do those who have been marred a decade or less.

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