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Divorce Survey: Expenses Are the Top Fear in a Divorce

In a recent divorce study, the legal website found that the cost of a divorce was a weighty concern for most couples who faced a divorce. In fact, 58 percent of those surveyed said that their top fear was how much getting the divorce was going to cost them. This was for couples who have no children.

This topped fears about property division, the time involved, and alimony. As for people with children, 35 percent still listed the cost of a divorce to be their primary concern. The top fear for those facing divorce with children is child custody though, say 53 percent of those in the survey.

The survey found that financial concerns were practically across the board, regardless of a person's net worth. Due this financial fear, 35 percent of individuals choose to get a divorce without a lawyer, or through some DIY program. Many are finding that this choice backfires on them, however, as divorce lawyers in the survey said that they are finding a new clientele base in those who failed to get a satisfactory DIY divorce.

Another interesting result of the survey was the reveal of how many more people are finding their divorce lawyer online. Based on the survey takers, individuals going through a divorce are 40 percent more likely to choose a lawyer online than individuals were just last year. This survey involved 890 divorcees, or soon-to-be divorcees, who are registered users with Avvo, as well as nearly 450 divorce attorneys.

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