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Top Five Divorce Mistakes

While these errors may not be the most typical mistakes you will see in a divorce, these mistakes can create the costliest impact as far as your family's future is concerned. If you take the right steps, however, you can still preserve the relationships that are important in your life, as well as safeguard your family's financial future. Here then are some things you need to avoid when you face a divorce:

Failure to consult a financial planner before you start mediation. If you arrive at your mediation appointment, desperate to keep the house, you may be setting yourself up for huge financial trouble down the road once you realize, belatedly, that you cannot afford its upkeep. You need to know where you stand financially, and what you will need in the future before you approach a divorce settlement. A financial planner can help you formulate what you should really be pursuing in property division as regards the house, retirement funds, and more.

Rushing into divorce. This is about the decision to divorce in the first place. Before you seek this grueling but sometimes necessary process, you have to be clear about why you want to end your marriage. After all, there is a difference between having a spouse who is abusive, unfaithful, or addicted to a controlled substance, than to find apathy and weakening communication in your marriage. Before you decide on a clean break, make sure that this is the actual solution to your problems, and that you can articulate what those problems are.

Not being prepared for divorce. Before you serve your spouse with the divorce papers, make sure that you have gotten everything ready for the next steps. You want to list everything that is in your house, look at your financial documents, know your credit report, and create your own checking account. You may want to start a job search too. There is no need to hide these processes; this is about preparedness, not dishonesty.

Delaying your search for a support system. Divorce has enough emotional struggles as it is. Do not make it any harder on yourself by not having people to back you in this difficult time. The more emotional you are, the more impaired your judgment can be, and you are facing important issues that have to be dealt with correctly. Having the right friends and advisors on your side can help you be more clear-sighted when it comes to pursuing a new future.

Leaving your job (or giving up hours of work). While you may have heard of this as a strategy to avoid alimony and child support, or at least to decrease these payments, this will not pay off. Judges will view this purposeful unemployment in a very poor light. A judge will probably not lessen the amount of support payments at all, leaving you with lesser income to meet full payments.

While there really is no way to avoid all the complications inherent with a divorce, you need to make sure that you are equipped with the knowledge necessary to not sabotage yourself and your important relationships in this process. You can also eliminate other pitfalls in your path when you work with an experienced Long Island divorce attorney. You can understand your options when it comes to your specific situation, and which process would be most conducive to a fair and amicable result. Learn more about divorce mediation and legal separation when you contact the Meyers Law Group, P.C. At our firm, you can find the legal counsel and the dedicated representation that you deserve.