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The Latest Statistics: Is It Now the 11-Year-Itch?

We have all heard about the "seven year itch", the thought that partners in a relationship start to see their passion fade and their attention stray after reaching the seven-year-mark. Back in 1955, this term was the title of a Marilyn Monroe movie, and promoters said that seven years was the time that the typical divorce occurred. Today, people often feel that it takes even less time than that for a marriage to fail. According to data from the U.K., however, marriages that end in divorce now last about 11.6 years. In fact, the length of dissolved marriages had been increasing since 1985, when it took an average of 8.9 years for a marriage to be dissolved.

What do these increased numbers mean? For many, this simply validates the stance that the recession was delaying a couple's plans to divorce, lest they incur further financial instability. There is also the fact that the demographics of divorce have changed. For instance, the number of couples divorcing in their 50s and older has increased substantially in recent years, which often means that a marriage lasts a considerable number of years before a breakup. Then there is the new normal of cohabitation, where couples wait years before marriage. This means that relationships that could have led to an early divorce might now end before marriage.

The data is not really conclusive on whether or not there really is an eleven-year- or seven-year itch. Perhaps these statistics reflect more on a changing society than the increased longevity of a marriage before it ends in divorce. And as societally accepted behavior changes, so too do the laws concerning these new norms. If you are ready to get a divorce, then you will need to work with a legal professional who is fully acquainted with the latest changes in legislation. You also deserve a lawyer who is committed to protecting your rights in the process. Contact the Meyers Law Group, P.C. to learn how an experienced Long Island divorce attorney may be able to help you succeed in the next chapter of life.