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Secret Spending and the Risk of Divorce

One recent study has called out secret credit card purchases as something that could end marriages. has released an article stating that one out of every ten people confessed that they used a secret credit card, and that this factored into their divorce or separation. This British website surveyed one thousand men and women, and it was discovered that 36 percent of those who concealed their credit card usage were certain that their spouse would be furious if they found out what they had bought behind their backs. Thirty-five percent of those polled admitted that they felt their partner would be bothered by the expenditures.

Strangely enough though, these former spouses were not only hiding extravagant or silly purchases. Sure, fifty percent of those surveyed said that they had hidden the purchase of items such as new shoes, but the other half of the poll revealed that people had secretly used the credit card for items such as food, utilities, rent, and gasoline. The survey also found that there was a 60 percent greater chance that women would conceal credit card expenses, but they expressed more guilt over the deception; on average, men were found to actually greater amounts with a hidden credit card.

That this could lead to trouble in a marriage may not be a surprise to many people, as dishonesty is often a trigger for serious conflict. Just this summer, Kansas State University researchers said that conflict over finances is a one of the chief indications of an impending divorce. The National Endowment for Financial Education found in 2011 that 68 percent of the time, this financial infidelity hurt the relationship; it dissolved the marriage altogether 16 percent of the time.

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