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How NOT to Choose a Divorce Lawyer

While you are in the throes of an impending divorce, your future in upheaval, one of the things you cannot afford to do is make a mistake in your choice of divorce attorney. If you make the wrong decision on your legal representation, then you could be saddled with serious errors that will take further court hearings, and money, to undo. Perhaps you are thinking about a do-it-yourself divorce then, but this too could leave you turning to a lawyer to fix errors in your divorce settlement. Here are some things not to do when you need a divorce lawyer.

Realizing too late that you need one.

If you think a divorce might be possible in your near future, then you should look for a divorce lawyer as soon as you can, before you are in a time crunch. That means conducting a search before you are served divorce papers (or before you plan to serve them). You want to find the best attorney possible, and being rushed in your decision is not conducive to this. And if you can find a lawyer before your spouse does, then this can increase your range of options; if your spouse gets representation first, then you can probably rule out the possibility of another lawyer from that firm representing you.

Picking a lawyer before you have asked all the right questions.

If you are in a rush to pick an attorney, one of the reasons you could fail to find the right one is that you omit vital questions in the interview process. You should ask questions that look into how long they have practiced divorce or family law, how they would approach a case from a new client, and what percentage of cases they end up settling. You should further probe how they would approach settling a case, and then you will have to ask about price. You will have to find the balance between your budget, and realizing that quality representation will mean paying for it. For example, you should ask how much you would pay up front for the retainer, and if any part of it is refundable.

Refraining from asking yourself the right questions.

After you initially talk with a lawyer, you should reflect on the appointment. For example, how did you feel around them? Did you feel free to be up front with them, and did you feel at ease with them? You should pay attention to whether or not they are paying good attention to you, listening to you instead of marketing themselves the whole time. Did they say something anxiety-inducing about your case? Well, this is something you want to see. You want a divorce lawyer to be honest with you and not delude you with false promises.

Ignoring your gut response.

You can trust your instincts, and in fact, you probably should with such a crucial decision ahead of you. If something feels off, then you may want to think twice before committing to that lawyer. And of course, if things just click, then this is a really good sign. But you still have to be sure that the lawyer is on top of their legal game.

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