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Co-Parenting and the Impending Holidays

Thanksgiving may be a month away, but right now is the time to start considering your family's plans for the holidays all the way to New Year's. Whether you are in the midst of a divorce, or you have finished your divorce, you may be faced with the awkwardness and difficulty of coming up with an arrangement that works for your whole family. Procrastination on holiday arrangements will not help matters. The good news is, that even though there are two different homes now, there are also multiple holiday seasons in the coming months. You and the other parent can find a way to pull this off.

For example, over coffee, you and your former partner can talk about your specific holiday plans, and how to coordinate. It will also help to talk with your relatives to determine who is going to be where, and also recall where your children spent their holidays last year. You may want to take turns if you can.

Here are few different ways you might want to arrange this. First, you might have it so that one parent has care of the children when school gets out until the 26th of December, and then the other parent can get from then on until the start of the next school term. So one parent could get Christmas and other holidays with the children, and the other parent gets New Year's Eve with the kids.

Or, you can split it up directly around Christmastime. This could look like one parent spending time with the children on Christmas Eve into Christmas day, and then some time in the afternoon, the other parent can take the kids and also celebrate Boxing Day (the 26th) with them. In order to preserve some family traditions and expectations, sharing Christmas day could be vital. Perhaps a hybrid of the two will work, with Christmas vacation from school being divided in half, and sharing Christmas day as mentioned above.

If you can agree to an arrangement now, this can smooth the way for you and your family, and you can find yourselves enjoying a less complicated holiday season. At this time, if you are facing a divorce, are in the midst of one, you want to make sure that you come up with a suitable holiday arrangement. Perhaps the divorce is finalized and you need to modify court orders that relate to child custody. In either case, do not hesitate to contact the Meyers Law Group, P.C. At our firm, you can work with an experienced divorce attorney in Long Island who has the understanding and commitment that can help you and your family find a way to a stronger future.