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Can You Catch a Divorce from Your Relative or Friend?

The Pew Research Center has highlighted a new publication that shows that the risk of divorce might spike up when a friend or relative divorces first. Researchers looked at marriages, divorces, and remarriages over a span of thirty years (going from 1971 to 2001). For the couples in the study, there was a 75 percent increased risk of divorce after a friend divorced. Researchers even discovered that if a friend of a friend divorced, a couple's divorce risk went up 33 percent! This was referred to as "the contagion of divorce", a type of "social contagion". This is what sociologists call it when ideas and actions are disseminated across relationships.

The researchers behind this study added the disclaimer that their study of a sample of couples cannot automatically apply across the country. The demographics of the people they examined in their study were not varied enough to justify that much extrapolation. But there likely is something to an increased probability of divorce once a friend or relative has taken that course first.

This was not the only interesting thing that their research uncovered. They found among those surveyed that if divorcees remarried, they had a high probability of marrying another divorcee. It was also found that the more friends someone had, the lower their risk of divorce; the fewer friends one had, the higher their risk of divorce. This seems to confirm that support systems are vital to any relationship.

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