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Adult Children and Divorce After 50

Whether you call it "gray divorce" or a "silver split", this permeating trend of getting divorced after 50 adds new complexities to the divorce process. When a younger couple divorces and they have children, then this presents great concerns and difficulties in sorting out a custody arrangement. When older couples with adult children divorce, these children can heighten the difficulty of a divorce because they are keen to safeguard their share of the inheritance. It is no longer just two people's financial interests at stake in such a divorce.

For example, an adult child could be insistent that a parent keep more in the property division so that this property will still be in line to go to them. While the couple may previously have agreed over the splitting of assets, the child's insistence could push the divorce into more hostile territory. Perhaps the children will lobby for an amended will that keeps their inheritance intact. Some adult children even try to get their parents to reconcile. While this can come out of an instinct to keep their family together, this can also unwittingly prolong the divorce process, thus racking up more expenses. Sometimes, the process can get ugly, with adult children harassing a parent's new significant other. Whatever the reason, and whatever the response, adult children can increase the stress and the hardship of a divorce.

In such instances, someone needs a divorce lawyer who is committed to reaching an amicable resolution, one who is able and willing to step in and neutralize hostilities. You also need to find an excellent Long Island divorce lawyer who is up to the task of helping you divide your assets, protecting your retirement funds, and more. You can find the legal representation that you deserve at the Meyers Law Group, P.C. Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need help with a divorce.