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Why You Cannot Afford to Slow Down a Divorce

Not only will every hour, and every day that you prolong the divorce process mean that much more of your money is going down the drain, but there are perhaps more serious costs that you can incur for every moment you drag out a divorce. The longer you wait, the more you and your former spouse can feel the lasting harm in more than just your wallets.

The first reason for this is that you and your spouse need to move on as soon as possible after you start a divorce. Once you have decided that this is the course of action you need to take, you can decide to make it your shared goal to achieve an amicable divorce so that you can become independent, without the baggage of a painfully protracted divorce. The sooner you finish your divorce, the sooner you can create a new life. And before this restart hurts the divorce process.

For example, the longer a divorce takes, the higher the chance that your soon-to-be ex finds someone new. While it can be understandable that in the emotional turmoil of a divorce, some people may want to start a new relationship quickly, if your spouse starts a "post-divorce relationship" before divorce is actually finalized, this could be bringing a whole lot of unnecessary. The all-vital aspect of mutual respect could be gone if you reach this point too, so agree to act quickly before things get messier.

You also do not want any other people to start poking their noses into your divorce, not even relatives and friends. Even if they mean well, each family member or friend is likely to be acting with a heavy bias. Streamline the process by ensuring that only the people that need to participate are allowed to be a part of the divorce.

Finally, the longer you make a divorce last, the more that feelings of frustration grow. A delay could even cause the mediation process to fall through. People have become unreasonable and unlike themselves as the time drag turns into a financial drain, only increasing the stress that they are under. Do both of yourselves a favor, and when you have agreed that the romantic relationship has come to an end, end it as peacefully and swiftly as possible, saving yourselves stress and money, and more importantly, time, as you start the next chapter in life.

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