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When Divorce Lawyers Get Divorced

While you might have thought that divorce lawyers are eager and ready to use their prowess in court to fight out their own divorces, the opposite is true. Despite popular perception of divorces, the lawyers behind the process know from experience that a trial is not a place you want to take a divorce. Why is this? There is little victory that can come in a court battle. With negotiation off the table, litigation can turn into a messy, lengthy, and stressful process, and the emotional pain can outlast the actual battle by years. Because they have worked through divorces before their own, divorce attorneys know this.

Unlike the movies, where divorcees get to air their hurts and emotions to a public that needs to know the truth about their lives, where judges have the simple task of righting wrongs, a divorce that goes to court is not that simple, nor does it provide the opportunities for parties to air their grievances. And emotional appeals cannot sway a judge as much as the presented facts will.

The fact of the matter is, not only do divorce lawyers prefer out-of-court settlements, but ninety percent of all divorces are settled before ever reaching court anyway. This usually means that couples find a swifter and more cost-effective way to split, plus it does not carry the same emotional toll. One of the ways to do this successfully is through mediation, where there is an opportunity for spouses to each have their side heard, and the aspects of the divorce satisfactorily negotiated. Divorce litigation is usually not needed.

What does this mean if you are looking for a divorce lawyer? You need a legal representative who will be ready to go to trial and successfully protect your rights in court, but only if necessary. You need a qualified legal advocate who is committed to your best interests by seeking to resolve your divorce apart from litigation, if possible. To find a compassionate and skilled divorce lawyer in Long Island, do not hesitate to contact the Meyers Law Group, P.C. today.