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What to Do with the Rings, Wedding Dress, Marriage License, and More

If you have children, this decision could be that much harder. Whether you do have children or not, you have items that are tied up with many good memories, but that might only inflict pain when you look at them. Is there a good way to keep these mementos, or should you get rid of them? Here are some of the options you could have when it comes to deciding what happens to your wedding keepsakes.

As for the wedding gown and the veil, if you have a daughter, it may be a good idea to give her the option of choosing to wear the dress or not herself. If you dump the gown instead, you are taking that option away from her. Just because the marriage ended in divorce, this does not mean that your daughter would be against wearing the same dress in which you married her other parent. But there is also the option of selling the wedding dress, which could help you in a financial tough spot, or enable you to treat yourself to something fun. Finally, you could always give the dress away, giving a bride a lovely gown she may not have been able to get for herself.

When it comes to the shoes, sure, your daughter might want to wear them herself, but these are shoes after all and probably will not be as well-preserved as the dress. You could always donate these. But maybe shoes are your thing, and your wedding shoes were fabulous. In this case, you could always dye them and wear them again.

What about the rings? A brand name ring could sell really well, but even without a brand name you could get a good deal of money back on your ring. But try not to sell it to a jeweler; you will probably get a better price on EBay or craigslist. You still have the option to donate the ring; not only would this be a tax write off, but you could be doing something wonderful for someone else. Then again, you could hold onto the engagement and wedding rings. One of your children might want it. And even if when the time comes they do not want your ring, at least you gave them a choice. Just remember to wait, no matter what decision it is you make. Those bands can collect dust for as long as you need them to, that way you will know that you have made the right choice when you act.

So what to do with the marriage license? No matter how you feel about it, you probably need to keep this document somewhere you can easily retrieve it. There is always the chance, even decades down the road, that you will need this paper to prove something. If you really want to get rid of this important legal document, just be sure to shred it first.

As for the wedding pictures and/or video, these can understandably be painful. They might make you want to shout in anger, puke, or sink into depression. You could always throw them away, but these memories are still important, and it was a time you were happy. If you have children, then you should really think twice before discarding them. They may need to see these memories for themselves. The same could go for other keepsakes.

If you are facing these questions while in the midst of divorce, or on the brink of divorce, do not wait to find the legal counsel that you need and deserve in this time. Find out what a compassionate and experienced divorce attorney in Long Island can do for you when you contact the Meyers Law Group, P.C. today!