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Tips for Single Parents Moving Out of the Family House

If you getting a separation or a divorce, and you are setting out to find a new place to live, then you may be feeling overwhelmed with not only leaving what was your home, but with needing to find a new home for you and your children. As daunting a task as it may be, here are some ways to make it easier on you so that you and your family can make as smooth a transition as possible.

First of all, organize everything; a plan could be the key to success. This could look like setting an hourly/daily schedule for clearing rooms out. Then, while it might slow you down at first while you pack, marking boxes will help you when everything has to come back out; label the box by room and item type (especially the box that will have the things you need immediately, like pajamas and toothbrushes).

At your new home, safety comes first. You should change all the locks in the new place; not only could previous home owners have the keys, but so too could neighbors, or gardeners or…in reality there is no telling who has else access to the place. Err on the side of caution by making sure you and your kids are the only ones with keys to your new home.

Finally, you can get to know your new area and having some much-needed fun while doing so (and if you are in almost the same neighborhood, treat yourself and your children to a fun night out anyway). Not only can this be a necessary break, but you can familiarize you and your family to the new place. You can do it on a dime too if you find the right sites or go off of a coupon book. In fact, the ENTERTAINMENT® Coupon Book has coupons specifically for single parents.

If you need to relocate, or to fight against relocation proceedings, then you need to find a dedicated Long Island divorce attorney who can safeguard you and your family's rights. Learn more when you contact the Meyers Law Group, P.C.