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Several Experts Who Might Be Able to Help You in Your Divorce

As complicated as a divorce is, you obviously need a legal expert on your side to help you navigate all the difficulties and to help you come out successfully on the other side. But sometimes, you will need further assistance in this crucial and trying process. Here are some other professionals you may need in your corner for a divorce.

1) Sometimes, you and/or your children will need a psychological expert's help. In an intense time, you and your family could benefit from counseling. This can mentally and emotionally equip you for what lies ahead. But even in the legal process itself, you may need a psychological expert to voice a recommendation for child custody. If you hire a private child custody evaluator, he or she will assess you situation and might be able to come up with the parenting plan that is best for your children.

2) Additional experts might help in situations where child support and maintenance need to be determined. A vocational expert can arrive in cases where one spouse has been out of the workforce for years, and the expert can assess how employable that spouse is. Will that spouse need further training, education, etc.? The answer to this will factor in on support decisions. Likewise, an income expert can examine the income of each spouse, an examination that will weigh in on spousal and child support.

3) One of the snags that property division can hit is evaluation problems. For example, you might disagree with your spouse on how much your house is worth, or you might disagree with the first appraisal. In either case, a real estate expert might be able to help you come up with a more accurate appraisal, so you do not get less for your house than is fair.

4) When a couple owns a business together, this immediately escalates the complications involved with a divorce. Hence a business evaluation expert may be necessary. This is just one of the experts whom you may need to help determine what exactly your company is worth, so you can determine how to split it, or to determine what one spouse should receive to counterbalance giving up their share in the business.

Of course, this a general outline of situations you might encounter. Every case is unique, and special challenges may require the assistance of another expert. This is not an expense you want to make unnecessarily, however, and legal counsel can help you determine what is essential for your case. One expert you definitely cannot be without is an experienced divorce lawyer. If you are looking for an excellent divorce attorney in Long Island, contact the Meyers Law Group, P.C. today!