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Positive Steps for Moving on After Infidelity

While divorce can sometimes be a mutually arrived at choice after a couple slowly falls apart, some relationships are dashed by a partner's infidelity. While trying to keep a marriage is a worthy goal, sometimes it is not possible after trust has been ruined. Only the innocent person can say whether or not their trust can be regained. For those who realize that they need to move on from an unfaithful partner, a relationship expert has given several responses that can help make for a stronger future.

First of all, if you have decided you need to split up, then you need to let go of the past, to disentangle yourself emotionally. This means steps like starting a separate life and removing your wedding ring. Do not delay a divorce if you know this is what you are going to do. It will not be healthy, or legally helpful.

But this does not mean to shut down emotionally. So yes, there will be painful emotions, but that is healthier than feeling nothing at all. Fighting these feelings will not make them go away. Know that feeling fear is only natural. Poke holes in any irrational fears though. And if you are afraid of your future partner being unfaithful, you will need to be honest with yourself if this is just your fear speaking.

Along with not keeping your emotions bottled up, it is important to have a productive way of venting emotions. Support groups can be invaluable. Just make sure you are not only honest with yourself, but honest with others too. Be open, and never put on a show for others. It is much less exhausting, and it is healthier for you too. Also, if you have ruled out the possibility of reconciliation, it is important for you to forgive all the same. After all, "Holding on to anger is like drinking the poison and expecting the other to die."

Spend time discovering and doing what you enjoy, what helps you out, be it reading, journaling, exercise. Then make the important step of making goals, thinking about the future, moving on from the past. Get motivated about what you are going to do next, and start taking those first steps toward your dreams today. As far away as you might feel from a healthy future, remember that it goals are achieved through daily increments. Every day, remember that you are moving in the right direction, and every little step counts.

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