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New Study: Grandparents Are Increasingly Becoming Their Grandchildren's Caregivers

The number of grandparents caring for their grandkids is increasing, which parallels the growing number of single parents, says research dedicated to tracking social trends in the U.S. This research was funded by Brown University and the Russell Sage Foundation. The Pew Research Center came up with similar findings; their 2011 study found that 7.7 million children in the United States (that is ten percent) lived in the same house as one of their grandparents. Most of the time, this reflected that children lived in their grandparent's household.

When asked as to why this is, an official from AARP said the recession is a huge reason. After all, almost 20 percent of grandparents who are living with their grandchildren are in a household that falls below the poverty line. The new study found that nearly a third of all grandmothers who are in the same house as their grandchildren are the primary caregivers of the kids. The study also noted that black and Hispanic grandmothers have a higher likelihood than white grandmothers do of living with their grandkids. Black grandmothers were also found to have a greater likelihood of being the primary caregiver than Hispanic grandmothers.

There are many relational and financial reasons why the multi-generational household can help everyone. This can help ease financial stress, as it may be too much for a single parent or grandmother to live in different households. At the same time, knowing that a grandparent is watching over the children can help a single parent to work longer, and thus earn more.

As it becomes increasingly apparent how important a grandparent can be in their grandchild's life, it is vital that grandparents' rights be upheld. If you are concerned about the welfare of your grandchildren and want to exercise your rights on their behalf, then contact the Meyers Law Group, P.C. Our Long Island family law attorney may be able to help you protect your rights to custody or visitation so that your grandchildren can have a healthier future.