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Getting Ready for the Divorce Settlement

As a rule negotiating your divorce is better than pursuing divorce litigation. And thankfully, most divorces do end in a settlement instead of in a trial. But getting a settlement only works if both you and your spouse approach it in the right matter. As you two and your respective attorneys hold a meeting to work out the details of your divorce, here are some tips to help you peacefully resolve your divorce instead of catapulting it into a courtroom battle.

First off, try to be as objective as possible. You do not want anger or hurt to get the best of you. And this meeting is not the time to air your grievances either. While there is a place and time to express how you honestly feel, the settlement is the time to hammer out the financial, material, and legal aspects of your divorce. It will be simpler, and easier on you, to treat this session as a business negotiation.

Those who go through a negotiated divorce are the ones who realize that no one can actually win a divorce, not even in a trial. You have to be open to compromise if you want to divorce as amicably as possible. Unfortunately, your spouse may not be as accommodating, so a peaceful divorce may have to start with you. If you listen, if you make a compromise, you may find your spouse willing to reciprocate. If you are both will to give in a little, you can achieve a mutually agreeable settlement, one that will further save you stress, time, and money.

Finally, do not be content with ambiguity. If you do not understand some legalese, or if one provision confuses you, do not hesitate to ask questions. Your attorney is there as your legal counsel, who can enable you to understand every step of the divorce. This is your future, and you do not want to be agreeing to even one provision that you do not fully understand. Feel free to ask how this legal document will translate into your real life. If necessary, do not be leery of asking for a break either. Give yourself time to think, and make sure you know the details of your future.

Even if you require further meetings to complete the settlement, every meeting is important. With the right perspective and preparedness, you can draw up a fair agreement, one that will set you up for the future you deserve. To find the legal advocate who can provide you the expertise and counsel you need for a peaceful divorce, contact the Meyers Law Group, P.C. today. Learn what our Long Island divorce attorney may be able to do for you.