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Drinking Habits and the Divorce Rate

Researchers have found a correlation between drinking habits and the chances of divorce, based on a study conducted by the University of Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions and the Department of Community Health and Health Behavior at that school. More than 600 couples were studied during their first nine years of marriage. The results: couples with one partner who drank heavily have a considerably higher divorce rate. But couples where neither spouse drank heavily, and couples where both spouses were heavy drinkers had essentially the same divorce rate.

In the study, heavy drinking was considered to be getting drunk or drinking at least six drinks at once. After nine years of research, the study found that there was an almost 50 percent divorce rate among couples with only one spouse who was a heavy drinker. The rest of the couples had a 30 percent divorce rate. While this disparity might only be expected, it is likely unexpected that married couples where both spouses are heavy drinkers had the same divorce rate as couples where neither partner drank heavily. The study is set to be published in next month's Psychology of Addictive Behaviors.

Of course, the problems creating a divorce can be manifold. Even if heavy drinking did not lead to the divorce, it can still have a great effect on it. Any history of substance abuse might create issues in child custody, child support, and more. If you are facing these complicated issues of divorce, do not hesitate to contact the Meyers Law Group, P.C. With the help of our experienced Long Island divorce lawyer, you may be able to achieve a divorce settlement that is fair to both you and your family. Learn more about your rights and what we can accomplish for you when you call us today!