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Divorce and Your Holiday Season

Some people already view the holidays as a good time with family and friends—and also as stressful preparation. When you and your family are facing the uncharted territory of a holiday after a divorce, the stress factor can easily become magnified. As you and your family figure out how to divide the holidays and yet cling to cherished celebrations, here are some more tips on how you can still hold on to these special times:

After all, traditions start somewhere. Why not create some fresh ways to celebrate with your family? While you may have to let go of a time-honored tradition, it can be fun and exciting to come up with a new way to observe the holiday.

In the meantime, staying busy is usually a helpful thing to do. Specifically, it can be therapeutic to start your spring cleaning, even as fall ends and winter starts. You can get yourself organized, freeing yourself of stressful clutter, and you can get rid of the things that need to go. Don't just decorate for the holidays, redecorate your space, getting to a fresh start in a productive way.

But don't feel like you have to fool yourself or anyone else that you feel okay. Even if you were the one who asked for the divorce, you might be feeling guilty. You might feel resentful if you were trying to achieve a reconciliation. But either way, it is important to know that it is okay to not feel okay, to be confused. Just know that once you can accept the divorce, you can free yourself up to take the next steps in life. Use the holidays as a starting point for your moving on.

A way you might be able to do this is to spend time by yourself, taking the time to digests the past year and what you hope to accomplish in the next. Spend time with yourself, and do not dwell on the past. You can use this time to regroup, to reassess what you want out of life, really make the most out of New Year's.

But of course, the holidays are definitely a time to be giving to others. Remember the people you are grateful for, and show them your thanks. And just as importantly, you can show your kids how to express this gratitude, and how to be giving.

And as you face the holidays, if you are also facing legal issues, such as needing to modify child custody or to relocate with your kids, then be sure to contact a Long Island divorce lawyer with the dedication and experience you need. Call our legal team at the Meyers Law Group, P.C. today!