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Tips for Telling Your Spouse You Want to Separate

If you are currently in an unhappy or otherwise un-ideal marriage, you are likely weighing the possibility of fling for a divorce. And while you know that the legal process can be a bit complicating, that is the least of your worries at this point in time. In fact, you haven't even told your spouse that you are ready to separate yet. Here are a few tips to consider if you are having a hard time deciding how to tell your spouse you want to separate.

First off, take some time to write down on a piece of paper the reasons you want to end your marriage. Is it the arguing or the lack of affection? Did your spouse cheat and you are having a hard time getting past it? Be thorough with this list as you want to present them with a detailed explanation for why you want to break your commitment to one another. It will likely hurt them no matter what, so at least being honest is a way for you to be transparent.

Spend time going over that list so that you don't have to read from it when you talk to your spouse. You don't want to appear like you are just giving bullet point reasons, but by preparing ahead you can have an educated answer to support your decision. Next, once you are ready with your list, set up a time to talk with your spouse and stick to it. Take this opportunity to discuss the fact that you are no longer satisfied or happy with your marriage and you feel that parting ways will be best for you and the family perhaps. Tell them that you have been considering this option for some time and after much careful thought you have decided it was time to speak up.

Perhaps you want to test run before officially filing for a divorce, consider talking with your spouse about a legal separation before jumping into the official termination of your marriage. This would give you and the kids a chance to learn how to live life separately and see if you are actually happier apart than when you are together. Many people will use separation in order to have a test run before the official divorce and you may decide that you want to get back together or you are in fact ready to end your marriage.

Next you will want to work through your living arrangements and determine your schedules with the kids, who will stay in the home and who will find a new place, etc. In order to go through the process of legal separation and divorce properly, contact a trusted Long Island divorce lawyer at the Meyers Law Group today for more information!