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The Difficulties of Gay Divorce

As more and more states are allowing same-sex marriage to be legalized, the concern for how easy it will be to divorce is now arising. Rhode Island was just recently added into the small group of states which allow for gay marriage, and now they are wondering what method will make for tallying and enabling gay divorce in their state. The reasoning behind this concern is because if a couple gets married in a state which honors gay marriage, and then they move into one that doesn't, the divorce process can become extremely complicating.

Perhaps, for an example, you and your partner were wed in New York and then decided to move to Iowa for some reason. Well, in that state, among others, there is actually no place on their divorce forms in order to show you are a same sex married couple, meaning that they only say "husband/wife" and nothing else. Gay right activists bring up the fact that it is important for states to see gay divorces the same as same sex divorces because it is the same civil right.

Divorce, whatever form or marriage two people are titled as, still address the same concerns of property division, financial matters, as well as parental agreements; all of which need to be decided on when a relationship ends. On a more scientific standpoint, demographers want more states to allow gay marriage and divorce for the purpose of learning whatever the causes which lead to divorce in a heterosexual marriage are the same in a same-sex relationship.

In the state of New York, as of 2011, same sex marriages have been made legal for couples; however even these marriages may come to an end. If you are in a same-sex or heterosexual marriage desire to get a divorce, contact the Meyers Law Group for the Long Island divorce lawyer you need wanting you through the same process.