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Should Your Return to Your Maiden Name after Divorce?

After a divorce, there are many reasons for you wanting (or not wanting) to change your name back to your original maiden name. Obviously, going through a divorce is a challenging season of life and it can bring on a host of emotions and trials at least for the season following the split. Just as every divorce is unique, each person deals with the situation differently as well. If you are currently on the fence bout whether or not to change your name after the divorce, here are a few tips to consider helping you narrow down the pros and cons list you may have.

First off, consider the children. There are a number of woman who dread the thought of having a different last name than their kids, and if this is the case you may want to keep your ex-husbands name. However, this alone should be the reason you keep your ex's name. Also, if you are adamant on changing your name over, don't be offended when people still call you by the name they are most familiar with—it takes time.

Next, really thin through he reasons behind why you want to change your name. Remember that a name change will not erase the past, and while it may help you remove some of the ties with your ex, it is not the best way to deal with anger or bitterness from the divorce. Make sure you change your name because it's something you want to do because you enjoy your old name, not because you feel like you have to. And don't worry, it doesn't have to be decisions you make the day you sign the divorce papers, take your time.

Another option to consider is your current career. Perhaps you have spent the last two decades climbing the ladder of success in your company and your realize that if you change your name, no one will recognize you. At that point you may want to just drop the "Mrs." And continue using the name that has brought you to the top. Lastly, some people feel like they don't want to change their name because it is a huge process to handle, when in all reality it isn't. There are two locations you need to go to in order to make it happen, so just reserve a Saturday morning and you will be good to go. First, visit your local DMV and then the social security office in order to switch over the information, and you will be back to your maiden name in no time.

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