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Missed Child Support Payments vs. Custodial Interference

Divorce and having to pay for child support is no game; and yet according to many studies, judges often try to find humiliating ways to enforce child support, to the detriment of the fathers (in most cases). For example, some fathers have been ordered by the court to wear signs around their neck saying "deadbeat dad" because they failed to pay their child support, or being required to tell any woman he meets that he owes child support up front.

These tactics are down by zealous judges hoping to prove a point, however, one writer believes that these tactics may be at the expense of the fathers, who for whatever reason are not paying their support to the child and mother to whom it is due.

One of the biggest concerns is that the court is focusing more on parents who have missed a few months of child support, and yet little is being done when the other parent refuses to abide by the terms of the custody arrangement such as schedule meeting times, etc.

The penalties for a parent who missed three consecutive months of support may result in serious consequences from the law such as loss of a driver's license, repossession of a vehicle, having their passport revoked, or even possible jail time. And yet, when a parent fails time and time again to bring the child to the scheduled meeting with the parent who is not the primary care giver, three are little consequences.

This is called custodial interference, and happens often in contentious divorce situations. For example, perhaps it is father's day and the dad has made prior court agreements with the ex-wife that he will be able to pick up the kids for the day. However, when he shows up at the house, his ex refuses to let him spend time with the kids.

While the father may be tempted to contact the local authorities, there is really nothing they can do because they cannot enforce parental visitation rights. Sadly, many fathers are left without being able to spend time with their children because there is little that can be done in regards to enforcing visitation and custody rights. However, if he misses his support payments, law enforcement officials will be quick to take action.

The point is that many times the rights of fathers in a divorce are pushed to the wayside; in some cases it is in the best interest of the children, however, in others it does more harm than good.

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