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Getting Your Ex off the Rental Agreement

If you and your ex were leasing an apartment or a house when you file for a divorce, this will be a part of the divorce settlement that you work through with your Long Island divorce attorney. However, coming to an agreement on the property to split is one thing, it is a whole new battle when you are trying to get them to agree to you staying in the home after the divorce. This battle doesn't just involve you and your ex ether, it also involves the landlord whom you must essentially convince that your ex should be removed from the lease.

Here are a few tips for you to consider in order removing your ex-spouse form the lease agreement. First off, you will want to work with your divorce attorney in order to list out the provisions of the lease in the settlement for the divorce. You will want to talk with your attorney about what it looks like to have their name removed. If you are able to get them to agree to the terms of the agreement, by his signature, the leasing rights are then transfer completely to you.

You will want to schedule a meeting with your current landlord in order to discuss your situation including your hope to have your spouse removed from the lease. You will need to show them the agreement which was signed by your ex therefore showing that you have been given to go-ahead to take full rights to the property. Lastly, work through all of the rental leasing agreements with the landlord including changes that may be made to the contract because of your changing the original agreement.

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