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Can Pets Help with Your Divorce?

Divorce can be a difficult season of life, and we will do whatever we can in order to find our niche that helps us cope. For some, you may choose to find a new craft or hobby such as gardening or woodwork. Perhaps you will take on a new sport, or enroll in a yoga studio; whatever makes you feel happy in the midst of stress is beneficial for you and ever more so for your children if they are in the picture at all.

A saying goes whenever you board a plane as a parent, the flight attendant will instruct your to first place the mask on yourself before your children, because then both of you have the chance of survival. The same goes with a divorce, in a sense. If you help yourself cope with the changes of life, you will then be more fit to help your children as well. Another possible tool for coping with divorce may actually be having a loving pet in your home. While cats can be sweet at times, investing in a dog is often a great healer of broken hearts; for both you and your kids.

There are a few reasons why a pet is beneficial to your family in the season of a divorce. First off, a pet will be able to offer the family unconditional love—expecting nothing in return. With so many changing things happening all around the family, a pet can act as that stable source of love and friendship that will be there no matter how hard times get. Pets are also considered to be confidants in families, both to children and adults alike. Whether the kids are at school and you are just frustrated at home, having a pet to talk with and even just hold when you are down will make a difference; the same goes for your children.

Pets also act as a source of stress reducer in the home, for both parents and kids. Pets can make you laugh and enjoy your time with family, being able to forget about the cares of the world, even if jut for a few moments. Remember during hardships, like a divorce, laughter is an important source of healing and with your kids and a pet; much laughter and joy can be found.

Lastly, the saying has proved itself true over the years "dogs are man's best friends." Having a pet in your home can bring you a refreshing source of companionship that is beneficial during your season of grief and transition, especially if you just need a cuddle buddy who won't talk back to you when you are having a hard day.