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Are Same-Sex Divorces More Expensive?

Across the United States, homosexual couples are fighting for the rights to marry and receive the same legal standing as a heterosexual married couple. While eleven states have so far jumped on board with these wishes, the majority of the states in the country are still fighting against this.

At this point, the Defense of Marriage Act is being challenged in the Supreme Court in order to say that marriage is not only defined as being between one man and one wife, but rather for any person who shares love. However, as the right to marry as a same-sex couple is being currently fought for, so also is the right for these individuals to obtain a divorce.

Under DOMA, it has in fact made it very difficult for same-sex married couples to file for a divorce, and not only that but the cost is much more expensive as well. What is the price of this divorce? If a couple chooses to move states, they may be prevented from obtaining a traditional divorce because of the new laws for marriage and divorce per that state. This can be expensive, if the couple is required to move back to their original marriage state in order to obtain their divorce, or settle with receiving a dissolution of marriage rather than a divorce.

According to Jim Duke, the founder of the Guide for Gay Men seeks to help men specifically deal with the issues that arise for gay men, including divorces. And he says that at this point in the legal system, there are many holes in the legal structure for gays that heterosexual couples do not have to worry about right now.

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