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Working Moms & Child Custody

The times are changing in our society, and more and more moms are joining the workforce as opposed to staying at home to raise and care for their children. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics now reports that about 70.5% of all mothers are now in some way apart of the working community here in the states.

Out of that number of woman there are least 30% of them who are earning more than their male spouses as well, often times resorting the father to be the one who stays at home with the kids. As a result of this major flux in the homes over the last few decades, the way the courts approach the topics of child custody and alimony is also greatly affected as well.

Traditionally, it was popular to see in the event of a divorce that a mother would be awarded the primary custody of the children and also receive a large portion of the alimony payments because they were usually making less (if any) income than the husbands. However, today with more and more working woman, this norm is significantly shifting.

What is interesting is that even if the mother is intricately involved in the lives of her children and yet still works full time, this can affect her ability to receive more alimony payments as well as custody of the children. If this is the case, the dad may be favored more above the mother because of his physical time at home, even if she is still acting as the primary care giver the majority of the time.

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