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The Violence Against Woman Act

The Violence Against Woman Act (VAWA) was established in 1994 as a means of offering protection to woman who were victims of domestic violence in their homes and relationships. This act then established a national hotline for this very cause and offers varying types of protection to woman who fall vicitim to this dangerous abuse.

In some cases, they will go as far as equipping the vicitim with confidentiality in order to switch their address and remain hidden from their dangerous abusers. Also, in the event that the battered spouse is actually an immigrant, the VAWA will seek to help these woman apply for permanent residency here in the United States.

Under this act, there are a number of provisions that are listed for the victims of abuse. Some of these include the financial coverage for a rape kit and legal fees in order to have an order of protection established for protection.

Protective orders will be enforced with the help of VAWA in all areas of the country under even tribal jurisdictions, territorial and state. They help undocumented immigrants apply for green cards when they help the prosecution get their abusers. In regards to equipping law enforcement, the VAWA help fund and train special units geared to domestic violence in order to combat this devastating truth in the community.

Victims of domestic violence are often left feeling alone and afraid, and trapped in their current state. Sadly, far too many woman in our world are experiencing this abuse of a daily basis and have no way to escape. Fortunately, here in America, woman do have the option to escape and receive the protection of the government in the meantime.

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