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Obama Wants to Reform Child Support Laws for Fathers

During a heartfelt Father's Day speech by President Obama, he addressed one very crucial topic in the realm of child custody and support laws here in our country. He shared that reform needs to be made for those fathers to begin working and be more actively involved in the lives of their children.

Right now, though divorce is changing over time in regards to matters of custody and support, it is all too common that the mothers are favored and the fathers left with outrageous requirements in child support payments. In fact, one man was interviewed a few months back because the was living out of his car and working full time so that he could make the minimum payments for his child's support, a child whom he was unaware of until just a few years prior and he never saw. Stories like this are disheartening, and yet reality for many dads out there after their divorce.

A large number of fathers refuse to pay child support because their ex-wives won't ever let them see the children, even if they were given visitation rights by the court. Sadly, law enforcing officials will enforce child support payments (or lack thereof) and yet will do little to help parents who are refused by their ex's to see their children in honor of their custody agreements.

Another aspect about child support is the fact that the parents aren't required even by law to spend it only on the children. In fact, there are many family situations in which the children never see any of the money that their fathers gave in child support. In most cases, when a child support number is made, it is done using a calculation which takes into consideration the idea that a father who rarely (if ever) see their child would pay extensive amounts of money to their ex which will help them and perhaps a new partner, while the child he never sees doesn't get a penny.

It is unfortunate that when a father is faithful to pay their child support, it does not give them the green light for time with the children; that rests completely with the mother's willingness to comply with their agreement. In cases where there are "no-fault" divorce laws, courts are beginning to see that many dads are being taken advantage of and the court is having an extremely hard time deciphering which parent is telling the truth about their home life. Many activists on this topic are claiming that the courts need to reevaluate what their definition is when considering the "best interests of the child" to include the child's rights to real time with both parents.

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