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Learning from Others: A Small Business Surviving the Divorce

While a divorce is a very difficult season for most, there are some couples who amicably agree that they will be better separate as opposed to being together. This was the case for a married couple who shared such a love for dancing that they opened their own salsa studio as a married couple.

Being able to work side by side one another while doing what they love as their profession was a career of a lifetime. However, over time they began to realize that the marriage was not where their hearts were. After talking, they decided that they wanted to file for a divorce, but at the same time agreeing that they held a strong and genuine respect for one another. Because of this unique bond, the pair was determined to continue running their business as partners even though they were divorcing.

Though this situation is extremely rare, for them it was best. The couple then agreed to hire the same divorce lawyer who helped them work through a very peaceful divorce while agreeing to keep the business. They agreed that even though their marriage had ended, their love for the art of dancing had not. While there were obvious hiccups along the way, the couple remains dancing together even seven years down the road and their business is actually thriving as a result.

The two share that they are more like brother and sister now, and that they love what they do even almost a decade after their divorce. Clearly, business and marital relationships can be a lot more complicating for the couples that don't want to stick together or cannot agree on new terms, though whatever the case may be for you hiring a skilled Long Island divorce lawyer is exactly what you need.

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